bruce new

“My work is an attempt to document my existence - to leave a visual record of my thoughts, ideas, and fantasies. I reside in the wilds of Kentucky, with a bird, on a mountaintop, right next to the sun, where I create my artwork high on butterfly wine."
Bruce New/ Artist Statement

"There’s something paradoxical about Bruce New’s eloquent mixed media pieces. Employing his own consistent and complex visual language, New conveys symbolic messages that are at once universal and extremely personal."
Lynne Adele/ Raw Vision Magazine 77

" Bruce New’s art takes us somewhere outside of our own experience, but intimately deep within his own. Ultimately, the experience that he presents us with is love. His recurrent imagery of birds, exalted female figures on pedestals, crystalline shapes , letters and numerals are all visual manifestations of his love for his wife, Robin."
Jay Wehnert/ All You Need Is Love, Truly

"Taken together, Bruce New’s collages tell the story of a man’s life, his love for his wife, and the challenges they face together in a way that renders the common act of living as mythically powerful. These works are daring, even radical, in their design and execution, but the ardor, devotion, and exultation that gave rise to them ensures their timeless appeal."
Matt Collinsworth/ The Night Is Only A Dream