bruce new
The Moon Whispers To The Muse, "Don't Ever Let Go."The Dream AllianceLove Is A Light To Lead Us ThroughThe Dream ReflectionThe Dream MigrationThe Sun OfferingThe Dream SpellTwo Phases Of The Moon CycleThe Dream ConnectionThe Muse Charms The Sun Into DarknessThe Vision At The Sun OrchardThe Dream TransferOne + One = OneRunning With The Devil, Hiding From The ManThe Sun Tribe Performs The Ghost RitualThe Moon EscortThe EnchantmentThe Dream PortalThe ChannelingThe Moon GardenThe Flight LessonEach Star Is A Setting SunThe Moon ProposalPortrait Of A SunriseThe Muse Mimics The Flight Of The SunThe Moon RidersThe Ghost RitualThe Muse Performs The Dream RitualThe Sun GroveThe Sun TranceThe Muse Prepares To Hide The MoonThe TransformerThe Muse Performs The Thought TransferThe Sun Tribe Divides The NightThe Vision At The Dream Orchard
Pen/Collage On Paper 2016