bruce new
Portrait Of A DreamerThe ChannelingA Dream MonumentLovers Dream Of LoveThe Dream ConnectionMuse and DreamerThe New World MuseThe Dream ConnectionThe MysticThe Dream TotemThe Muse Anniversary PortraitThe Muse In Triplicate Forms
 The Crowning Of A BirdThe Vision At The Sun OrchardArtist And DreamerArtist & MusePortrait Of A Shape ShifterThe Dream PilotThe Bird MadonnaThe Flight TotemThe Dream VisionTotem For A Shape ShifterPoem For A BirdDouble Portrait: Muse & Madman1 + 1 = 1The Star CouncilThe Muse Mimics The Flight Of The SunThe Dream RitualThe Parlor TrickThe Gathering Of The Moon TribeThe Dream TotemRun With The HuntedThe TransformerThe ChannelingThe Vision SpellThe Muse TotemThe Oracle Said That The Secret Was LoveThe Dream PatternThe Muse Totem In GoldThe Muse Prepares The Moon For FlightThe JesterThe EnchantmentThe DreamerR1: Blueprint For Building A Time Travel MachineThe Moon TranceThe Prophet
Photomontage/Collage On Paper