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TransformerThe Oath Of The Sun TribeThe Crystal VisionThe ChannelingThe Moon RitualThe Sun AllianceThe Muse Performs The Dream SpellThe Dream TranceThe Ritual Of A Bird ShamanA Bird Charms The Sun Into FlightThe Moon CouncilThe Sun Ceremony In System 3 TechnicolorThe Sun Tribe Prepares To Hide The MoonThe Bird CouncilThe Vision At The Crystal CityThe Moon Tribe Performs The Dream SpellThe Moon Is Only A Mirror, The Night Is Only A DreamThe Dream TotemThe Night Becomes ElectricBirds Of A FeatherThe Ritual Of The Moon TribeWaiting For The Moon To Say GoodnightThe Sun CeremonyPortrait Of A Shape Shifter (The Moon Escort)The Moon Gathering

Black Moon SpellThe Moon Is A MirrorA Tribe Of Shape ShiftersAppalachian HieroglyphBlueprint For Building A Bird CathedralDreams Are Like RiversLook Both Ways Before You Speak
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